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Performance SEO Sunset Background - High 5

Certified Digital Marketing

Data Driven Decisions

Search Engine Optimization

Performance Marketing is what we provide. We use concrete information about customer behaviors to plan and refine marketing, operations, and sales strategies. Technical SEO, Local SEO, and Video SEO.

Paid Ads

Creation and management of Ecommerce for Click and Mortar, or Paid ads for Brick and Mortar. Having managed over 4,000 campaigns worldwide, we excel at Google Ads, Bing Ads, and TikTok Ads.


Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console are some of the sources we use to help with the process of Predictive Analytics. Applying data to your business is more valuable than oil because your business can reuse the data repeatedly.


The most awkward part of a website - talking about yourself.


We come from the Internet. High 5 Promotions is not a conventional company. We have no intention of becoming one. That unconventional spirit is a powerful force inspiring us to do things like become leaders in social media structure and SEO processes. 

We have 2 ways of doing things.

We do things right, or we do it again.

Brief List of Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Pro Certification

  • 40-years of computer programming experience 

  • Read 11 computer languages

  • Won Website Design Competition in 2005

  • Authored 3 books on Local SEO 

  • Authored 1 book on YouTube

  • Taught a University course about Internet Marketing at Concordia University

  • Sent first email in 1986

It's not only our technical experience that makes us unique. We enrich our customers through by helping them make data based changes in their business - and by putting them in control. They have control of their websites, accounts, directories, and all of the content that is created.

There's even more, but it sounds like we're just flexing.


"The Google-fu is Strong with This One."

Director of IT

Dave Pitalo

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